more HTBE

I started doing the drawings for the book several years ago while I lived in upstate New York. My wife was in school and I went with her to the library where she would study and I would draw. I did tons of drawings from Apollinaire's poetry, eventually putting together a xeroxed book to see how they fit together. It turned out ok, but needed more work so I shelved the project, intending to come back to it later.

That later was last year when Elyse at Gallery Neptune asked me to show at her gallery during Bethesda's annual literary festival. So I re-drew most of them and made many more, then assembled them into a book.


Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, Maryland.
April 6 - 28. 2007, reception Friday April 13, 6 - 9 pm.
All the work, and a 100-page limited-edition book of drawings published at the same time, is based on the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire.

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