Vote for Perriello and I will send you a drawing

Tom Perriello is my Congressman and is running for reelection.  He's a Democrat who has done a great job for working and middle class people in Virginia's 5th District, which includes Charlottesville where I live. 

He's in a tough reelection fight and his biggest enemy is apathy by people who support him and what he's done.  So here's the deal - if you live in Virginia 5 and go vote for Perriello this Tuesday I will give you a drawing. Here's how:

1. Go vote on Tuesday for Tom Perriello for Congress.
2. Email me a mailing address. You can request I draw something specific if you want - I'll do my best to honor requests.
3. I'll send you a drawing in the mail.

I should note I have nothing to do with the Perriello campaign - they don't know I'm doing this at all.  

Please pass this along to anyone you might think would be interested - this deal is for anyone in Va 5. GO VOTE! 

There's a lot of rich special interests trying to take him out and all we have to do to beat them is go vote.  SO GO VOTE!  And you get a drawing for FREE!

Thank you.