Tarbell @ Second Street Gallery

Rob Tarbell has a great show opening here in C'ville tomorrow:

For February, SSG presents works by artist Rob Tarbell in the Dové Gallery. Tarbell's animal sculptures-mostly rabbits and bears-take on a life of their own, often humorous and suggestive of play. The multi-step process Tarbell uses to make the creatures represents a transformation: well-loved stuffed animals found at Goodwill assume new forms as their stuffing is replaced with porcelain slip and then fired in a kiln. The resulting unconventional figures evoke childhood memories as they explore notions of cremation and preservation, where the original's fur becomes threatening ceramic spikes. Nearly two-dozen sculptures will be on display, creating a tongue-in-cheek environment of animated characters.

The Struggles Play Nice is on view at Second Street Gallery, 115 Second Street SE, February 1 - March 1, 2008. There will be an opening reception for First Fridays, February 1, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, with an artist talk at 6:30. Rob Tarbell: The Struggles Play Nice is sponsored by the L.E.A.W. Family Foundation.

Anoher image:



postcards AHOY!

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I'm slowly adding all 2000+ postcard-drawings I've sent out in the past 7 years to my postcards AHOY blog. More on there today...


with an assist from Violet.


New website and free book

I've updated and moved around my website - it's now at www.craghead.com,. The old wcraghead.com will host this blog and will point to the new site. I've added a couple new things: links, bio, press, plus more sample pages of books and a new blog of my postcard drawings postcards AHOY.

One brand new thing is a new book Lisboa, Lisbon which is based on my trip to Portugal last fall. Lisboa, Lisbon is available for reading on the new site or as a free PDF download that you can fold up, staple and play with. I'm releasing it with a Creative Commons license which means you can copy it to your friends, send it to anyone and even remix it as long as I get some credit and you don't sell it. I'll probably post it in its entirety here on the blog, but you can read it (or make it!) right now if you want.




Yesterday plus a sort of portrait of Apollinaire.

Frank Webster @ Bespoke Gallery

January 24th - March 1st, 2008


547 W. 27th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Reception: Thursday, January 24th, 6 - 8 pm
t: 212.695.8201

Old pal and former Brooklyn roommate Frank Webster has a show opening tonight in NYC. His paintings are really great.


THE 85 CAT Fundraiser

Last month, while this space was in the middle of the blue square thing, I participated in a fundraiser in a gallery in Antwerp:


OPENING on December 14 at 19h - AUCTION at 21h
EXPO on December 15 & 16 from 14h > 18h


85 Gallery's cat, Baby, fell off a roof and had to get a very expensive operation to survive. Luckily, its owners decided not to give it a lethal injection and that's why they're organizing a charity auction with the donations of over 50 artists with a heart for animals. These special pieces will work perfectly as Christmas presents so come on by and bid on your favourite artworks to support the good cause!

With contributions by:
Abe Lincoln Jr. (US), Abigail Thomas (UK), Adam Cruickshank (AU), Afreux (BE), Arpaïs Du Bois (BE), Astrid Yskout (BE), Bam Bam Ink (AR), Bfree (NL), Bitches In Control (NL), Bonus (FR), Boris Servais (BE), Café Royal (UK), Charakter Atypik (FR), Daniel Sannwald (DE), Daydream Nation (BE), De Klup (BE), Duudle (DK), Ekta (SE), Ephameron (BE), Eyeformation (US), Fichtre (CH), Havec (FR), I Love You (DE), Johanna (DE), Kevin Apetown (BE), Kevin Welslau (BE), Lau Corvind (DK), Leen Van Hulst (BE), LLCoolJo (FR), Matthew Feyld (CA), Mehdi (FR), Mike Swaney (US), Miruki Tusko (BE), Miss Lotion (DK), Nazario Graziano (IT), N'Roll (FR), Oles (NL), Pacolli (BR), Piero Di Biase (IT), Poupie Whoopy (BE), Pure Evil (UK), Rory Wilson (US), Rytz (DK), Sebastiaan Van Doninck (BE), Serge Baeken (BE), Shan Jiang (CN), Sighn (US), Specio (FR), Sten (IT), Tastest (CH), The ERS (BE), Tom Gauld (UK), Tommi Musturi (FI), Ward Zwart (BE), Warren Craghead (US), Yummy Industries (CH) and many more...

Here's what I sent:

Here's some images from the show:

I was invited to participate by the great Ephemaron.