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I originally stumbled across Apollinaire as part of my longtime interest in Cubism. Apollinaire was an early and great friend of the Cubists, especially Picasso. They were pals in the days they were nobodies, and Apollinaire used his writing abilities to again and again defend and interpret the Cubist's (and other Parisian avant-garde artist's) visual work. The image above is obviously from Picasso's "Damselles D'Avignon", and in the book I reference a few other artworks of Apollinaire's time, including one by Matisse. One drawing I made is of the Bateau-Lavior, the crummy, ramshackle studio building in Paris' Montmartre where Picasso, Braque and others invented a new way to represent the world. That new way, that new sense of the world, is exactly Apollinaire's project.


Thanks to J.T. Kirkland of Thinking About Art for the mention today. As he notes, tomorrow night is VERY busy in the DC art world and unfortunately for me the mammoth Art-O-Matic will be opening the same night as my reception. To the art-loving DC peeps, I beseech thee to come to my opening - AOM will go on until the wee hours, so you can stop by my little thing early.


Gallery Neptune , Bethesda, Maryland.
April 6 - 28. 2007, reception Friday April 13, 6 - 9 pm.
All the work, and a 100-page limited-edition book of drawings published at the same time, is based on the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire.

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