Rainy seed toss

I left drawings all over Charlottesville's downtown last night - see them here and make sure to scroll down to see my favorite.


Ahoy Miles!

The Prince of San Diego was born today. All hail Miles, heir to the Ten Stories Empire and my cute but ruggedly handsome nephew. Our flagons are aloft at the Eastern Craghead Lair.


Obama, bowling, afghanistan

ANTÓNIO JORGE GONÇALVES :: Obama, bowling, afghanistan

Sometimes Goncalves draws about Portuguese politics which I'm unfortunatly ignorant of, but he also makes great things like this.


The Sounds of Musics

Recently I watched The Sound of Music with my kids (we watched it in crazy collages style, jumping around to all the "singy" parts and skipping the damned Nazis). The 4-year-old loved it, esp the group kid songs. I thought:

1. I like how even though they're supposed to be singing in German, the most famous song, "Doe, a deer...", totally depends upon being sung in English for its puns and rhymes.

2. I also didn't know that it is a true story. They all ended up in Vermont.

3. The best was near the end when the father uses a song, "Edelweiss", as a weapon against the Nazis, invoking the audience's Austrian spirit. They can't do anything except remember and hold onto what they are but it's still a powerful and inspiring moment.

Finally, here's a bunch of music I've been listening to, mostly found through Mark Weidenbaum's excellent and (to me, now) indispensible Disquiet.

Quiet American

Pause netlabel

8-bit daily

8-bit collective

J. Arthur Keenes band


Mike Hallenbeck

We Are Smug


ton of seeds tossed.

Go see where I left tons of drawings all over Target and Harris Teeter (a cville grocery store). I used a cute toddler as cover from "The Man". SEEDS ARE BEING TOSSED!

Email me and I'll send you a stack to toss all over wherever you are.


Dune book club

D Harbin's Dune book club includes drawings, here are mine, go see the rest , they're great.

I've done this before - drawn while reading. It helps to figure things out. It makes me focus - that's probably why I draw my daughters all the time, so I REALLY look at them. Plus they're cute.

It helps that Dune is really good and I like drawing dirt. Much much better than the dumb movie.