PROGREGRESSIVE! (pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 30) (the end)


(pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 30)

With a high hammering note of metal, thus endeth International Pwoermd Writing Month.  All hail fellow pwoermd-forgers and esp. mighty Huth.


1. Beflame 2. slimdance 3. FURGOTTEN 4. childrun 5.Pa-Rents 6. chWILDren 7. Duddy, Mummbly (pwoermds for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 14)

1. Beflame
2. slimdance
4. childrun
6. chWILDren
7. Duddy, Mummbly

and yes, I mailed it out...

(pwoermds for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 14)

world and word, steal like an artist

Frank O'Hara sometimes hits a perfect place between the world and word. 

"...wondering whether you are any good or not
and the only decision you can make is that you did it..."

That reminds me of the rocket-meme post by Austin Kleon, HOW TO STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME).  Kleon is smart, good and generous and his advice is great.


HOLLERDAY! (pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 13)


(pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 13)

new 6-page story in Sundays anthology

I've got a 6-page piece in the new Sundays anthology that was released last week at MOCCA.  The theme of the book is "forever changes" and I drew about some waves and water and sand and sound. 

It's edited by Chuck McBuck and also includes Mickey Z, Jeff Lok, Ed Piskor, Aaron Cockle, Melissa Mendes, Joseph Lambert, Mark Burrier, Alex Kim, David Libens, Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, Dane Martin, Julie Delporte, Michael DeForge, Sean Ford, Samuel C. Gaskin, Scott Longo, Jose-Luis Olivares, Mari Ahokoivu, Max de Radigués, Damien Jay and Lydia Conklin.

You can see a little video preview at the editor's blog here.
(Thanks C.F. + pals)


buy my piece at the Second Street Gallery auction

I'm happy to have a piece in this Friday's auction at Second Street Gallery here in Charlottesville Va.  They are a non profit space that does a great job of getting regional, national and international artists here to Virginia.  I co-curated a show here a few years ago and am happy to help them out so I donated 4 pages from HOW TO BE EVERYWHERE, framed together.

See (and get) that this Friday along with work from George Andrews, Kiki Andrews, Nancy Bass, Lynne Brubaker, Cynthia Burke, Trish Crowe, Gabe DeLoach, Aaron Eichorst, Ron Evans, Stacey Evans, Cyndi Gusler, Jennifer Kelley, Michael Kreuger, Corwin Levi, Will May, Judy McLeod, Tim Michel, Steve Miller, Lydia Moyer, Nina Ozbey, Mara Sprafkin and more...

Primpcess (pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 6)


(pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 6)


NEW BOOK: seed toss, kick it over

I recently published a new FREE little downloadable book, seed toss, kick it over.  Last January I watched the events unfolding in North Africa and the Middle East and started drawing the amazing images I saw online and on TV. I wanted to do something and it was the only thing I could think of.

I drew in pencil but processed them through apps on my iPhone (fitting since these revolutions were partly driven by cell phones and digital social media). I especially used PictureShow and Instagram to give the drawings more texture and color. Instragram publishes images to their online social site where people can follow and comment on images and I sent them to twitter and Facebook as well.

The drawings in seed toss, kick it over are all from images I saw (here and here and here among other places) of Tahrir Square and the heroics there - seen though a screen (TV computer, phone), but even with that mediation what I saw was powerful.

I put the images into a small DIY downloable book so they can be shared all over. Please print, download, send, whatever. SCATTER!

Thanks to people who followed and commented, to DH for indirect inspiration, to the Clash for a lyric-steal, to IF, BP and AJE for images and to all the heroes.

Drawing left in a restaurant

I drew the revolution in Egypt and it at Revolutionary Soup here in Cville.

NEOW! (pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 5)


(pwoermd for InterNaPwoWriMo Day 5)