more more LOST drawings


We finally finished watching the show but I'm obsessed with the first scene now.

Charlie again.

Jack with Claire.


more Cut Click mail art exhibition

I'm got some work in this latest version of Cut Click magazine's mail art exhibition.  You can see a catalog here and a video of an earlier show here. CUT! CLICK!  I sent them some seed toss postcard drawings of surfers (and the images were also used in the little book seed toss, new waves).  More on Cut Click and their cool projects here.



drawing more LOST

More drawn for a little story.



Drawn from the very beginning. Most wont make it into the story but a few might. I'll keep drawing. LOST!!!!!


9 more LOST drawings sent in the mail to unsuspecting folks

Oh that smokey!

 I don't know how Desmond got out of that well.

If I don't watch the last episode it will never end.


LOST, almost found

We're one episode from being done with LOST and are filled with crazy ideas so I had to draw.  I already mailed these, someone's going to get them.

Oh island.

Silly, but I don't want to leave.