Some drawnwhiles

Both drawn while watching P3 in practice for the Melbourne Formula 1 race. Cheers to Renee F for drawing too.


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Badman's Cave

Derek Badman has a great new book for looking and buying:
Badman's Cave
Mar 2011
28 p., 7″ x 8.5″
black and white, laser printed
A 24 page partially abstract comic created from appropriated image and text. I will be bold enough to call it “comics poetry,” and hope that it might mean something in that context. From the interior:
The images in this comic are appropriated, edited, and redrawn images from “Gene Autry and the Secret of Badman’s Cove” in Gene Autry Comics #19 (1948) as drawn by Jesse Marsh. You can download a scan of the original comic from the Digital Comic Museum at: http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=11930 The text in this comic is appropriated from various books. Each fragment is from a different work, some are slightly edited. Because the excerpts are so short I did not record all the sources, which were found using a keyword combination including the word “cave” (my misreading of the original comic’s title) and a word or words from the original text in the panel where I was placing the new text
You can read the whole thing on his site or download it or buy a printed one.


Open Studio - Checking in with Warren Craghead

You can see a little Q&A with me here - it's in this week's CVILLE (a local alt weekly).  I name check Apollinaire, Giotto and surfing.  Plus Ginger and Violet are in it (and we were drawing birthday cards for Annie!).  Here's a chunk:
What is your first artistic memory from childhood?
Both my parents were artists and both my grandmothers were artists, and so my first artistic memories involve my family. I remember drawing at the kitchen table with my dad and my brother, and my dad is showing us how to draw cartoons and other little things. I also really remember my grandmother’s basement. My dad’s mom painted with oil paints, and so her basement smelled like turpentine and linseed oil.