Katz and more @ NYSM

A few weeks ago we were in Albany NY visiting family and pals. I saw almost no art up there - I tried to meet up with Martin, but couldn't make it. The only thing I saw was at the New York State Museum - a show of Alex Katz.

The paintings were thin in many ways. They just weren't there. I kept thinking of how these were aggressive pop art but they were paintings with all the life sapped out of them, like some kind of product. They had just sort of given up and capitulated to photography.

The only place Katz was good was in the prints, especially the tree one above (sorry for the bad mobile phone image). Somehow printmaking really works for him - the flatness, his attention to color, the simplicity of the images all work together to make something very beautiful.

Then was was the 911 exhibit. That's not art - that's a real fire truck from Ground Zero. You could smell it.

A girder from the World Trade Center.

On another note, a certain flower loved the small Sesame Street exhibit:


Rob Tarbell @ ArtSpace

Sleeper in the Mess, mixed media

This Friday at Artspace in Richmond:

Rob Tarbell
The Fugitive and the Feral
Contemplations of fleeting moments
AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23, 2007

Opening Reception
Fourth Friday
August 24, 7-10 pm

I met Rob recently when we both won Fellowships from the Virginia Museum and I saw his work here in C'ville at Les Yeux Du Monde.

Aerial Rider, 2007. Smoke on painted paper, 60 x 42 inches.

This was in that show - and its made of smoke. Really nice. Here's some in-studio, in-progress images he sent me:

Ribbon 1

Feral Ribbon 3

Feral Ribbon 2


Link Rodeo

Some links I've needed to link to:

Richrd Feaster - An old pal with a new website.

Gary Sullivan is a poet and comics-maker and has a blog. Poetry mixed with comics and lovely.

Bearded Lady by Henrik Drescher & Duudle.dk
Limited edition, 34 deluxe pages,
signed by both artists!

Piners and Seethers - some drawings from Andrei Molotiu. He has a new baby too!


New studio and things

The reason for the months of postcards posts will become clear once I start listing all the things that have been happening. I'll dole them out over several posts...

First up is that after 7 years of working from home I have a studio/office downtown here in Cville. I'm renting space from archeologists!

More big pencil drawings, more collages and some other things too. Plus I can meet people and eat lunch and I'm across the street from Migration and 2 blocks from Second Street Gallery.

I also got a new computer (MBP 17inch):

I moved (and tossed) tons of crap, but my work space still looks like it used to.


Voltron Jr.!

I'm back from vacation. All the postcards from the past several posts are from a big group I sent to two pals who are in love with each other but were separated for a couple months. So I decided to send each of them card every day while they were apart. They liked it!