petals, a spell

You can get the d.i.y. origami book for free here. Thanks for the mentions online:

Metabunker (Matthias Wivel)

Bill Randall


The Ephemerist


Cross Hatch Dispatch


UPDATE: I missed one - Comics Reporter - Thanks Tom!

For those getting frustrated, I plan to make a little video that might help out. Out soon unless new baby arrives first - stay tuned.


free book - petals, a spell

I'm happy to release a new d.i.y. origami picture-story book petals, a spell. The book is a PDF download from my website here. It's a origami book - you can print it out, and then follow the directions to fold it up into a little book.

I'm releasing it under a Creative Commons license which means you can copy it, send it to your friends and even remix it as long as I get some credit and you don't sell it.

Thu04.17.08 - Sat04.19.08