cover of the 100-page book of drawings

My show HOW TO BE EVERYWHERE opens today at Gallery Neptune in Bethesda Maryland. The work I've done for this show has been a big step in several ways for me, which is something I'll post about over the next few weeks. In a nutshell, I did a series of drawing/painting/collages based on the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, the great French pre-WWI poet. I'll write more about him and his work later as well.

In addition to the wall pieces (7 mixed media things and 3 drawings on paint), I've published a 100-page book of drawings also based on Apollinaire's work. I'll write more about it, and show lots of sample pages from the book during the course of the show. It's available at the gallery, and I'll also have copies I can sell from here.

Starting Monday I'll be stealing an idea from J.T. Kirkland and will post an image from the show or the book on the blog every weekday, and at times writing about the piece or the process I used in making the work of the show. I did a lot of things differently, and I think they worked out, if maybe at times a little clumsily.

The reception is next Friday, April 13 from 6 - 9 pm and I'll be there. Also showing are Mark Behme with some amazingly crafted sculptures and David Wallace with some very graphic collage style paintings.

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