Sundays review in The Comics Journal

Rob Clough has a great review of the latest Sundays anthology - he likes the piece I did:
Unsurprisingly, the best strip in the book is Warren Craghead’s “(new, old)”.  He was one of the originators of comics-as-poetry and this particular piece is a wonderful fit in an anthology full of such stories. It also adheres to the anthology’s theme as it depicts the tide receding at a beach, with each page serving as a single panel showing the passage of time. Each page reveals more and more of the beach and its denizens, which he depicts with simple figures that almost look like a bundle of Ed Emberley-style drawings. In the midst of these figures, Craghead inserts a poem about the rising tide and the sounds it makes, which shows each letter rising, falling, and crashing like the surging water. It’s a lovely, evocative story that stirs all of the senses using the simplest of building blocks to create a complex reading experience.
He pretty much got what I was aiming at - the back and forth of the water in the sea, the waves crashing and the sliding water on the shore.  I'll hint at a secret - there's a reference to a famous poem in there too 9and it isn't Apollinaire). I don't have the piece online yet but I'll post part of it soon.