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The brilliant playwright Gwydion Suilebhan has two plays showing soon at the Kennedy Center in DC. Here's info:
Red Stuff, starring Josh Thelin and Mauricio Alexander (who are hysterical together) is a comedy about two former college friends and a deeply disturbing discovery in a doctor’s office bathroom. Exhibit A, starring the amply talented Teresa Castracane and Jennifer Plants, is a drama about two friends, one beautiful nude portrait, and how hard it is to figure out who you love.

The performances will be held in the Old Library on the top floor. Monday, September 5, 6:30-8, and the tickets are, as I mentioned, free. (My favorite price!) There are four other ten-minute plays behind performed that evening, and they’re all pretty good, so it should be a fun hour and a half…


Jiha Moon has two shows coming up:

Curator's Office is pleased to announce the exhibition Symbioland: works by Jiha Moon. The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 10 and runs through October 15, 2005. A reception for the artist takes place on Saturday, September 10, from 6 to 8 pm in conjunction with the 14th Street Galleries cooperative openings to launch the fall season. Curator's Office micro-gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm and by appointment.

Red Beans and Rice: Asian Artists in the New South
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street Atlanta, GA
Saturday September 10 - October 29
Press and patrons' preview Friday, Sept 9, 5 - 7 pm (by invitation)
Artists' Reception Saturday, Sept 10, 7 - 9 pm
Artists' Talk 6 - 7 pm
Curated by Kóan-Jeff Baysa and Craig Bunting


Joseph Barbaccia (blog here) has new work "about hope and regeneration", and a solo show in October at Warehouse Gallery.


Paul Watson has been doing a series of 100 small collages called "Principia Discordia" which are available for sale, and he's documenting the creative process on his website as well as dedicating a thread in his discussion forum for any questions or comments about the process. See them here.


some recent drawings

white of winter is over her head

Island of pictures, glad to be going

It grows clearer. No, give it this side.

An Unusual Favor.

I cannot keep back my blows

All 5.5 x 5.5 inches, pencil on paper, all available in the 12 x 12 bins at ADA Gallery in Richmond.



PostSecret Ripoff (not)

Both yesterday and this morning, early early (Violet likes to get up and be cute) I had MTV on and saw a new video from a pretty and processed rock band All-American Rejects called "Dirty Little Secrets" that completely looks like Frank Warren's PostSecret project.

Warren has folks send in anonymous cards with secrets on them - some are visual and elaborate. The video has cards with secrets that look like those on Warren's site. On their website they encourage people to post secrets.

If Warren isn't getting a piece of the action, I'd tell him to call a lawyer.

PS- That posted secret above isn't from me. My brother and I used to march around to Welk when we were little, but we never got high. Except on Welk's magical way with sweet sweet music.


UPDATE - I'm an idiot - they give him credit here. I just hope he got paid...


UPDATED UPDATE - He did get paid, or rather got a charity paid, according to this from The Daily Reveille:

...Warren, who said he began the project to share a secret of his own, has also chosen to link the Web site with the national suicide prevention hotline, Hopeline.

He is a volunteer for Hopeline, answering phone calls from people in crisis at the mental health association of Montgomery County. He contacted president and founder Reese Butler when the producer of the All-American Rejects video approached him to use the cards.

“I was contacted by the producer of the video,” Warren said. “They offered a me $1,000 [to use the postcards], and I suggested that they donate $2,000 to the suicide prevention hotline.”...

Thanks to commenter Alexandra for the link and Wow, good job Mr. Warren - though I think 2K is a little cheap for them to use his idea. In honor of my dumbness at jumping at this too quickly I just made a donation to Hopeline too.


Creative Skin 3 and the SF Zine Fest

Damien Jay, sketchbook page

The 3rd Issue of CreativeSkin is now online here.

This issue includes:
-- "Think Tank", Sketchbook drawings by comic artist Damien Jay
-- "Memory and Marketplace", paintings by Sylvia Quan La
-- "Epedemic Revolutions of Demarcation", illustrative works by Chris Pew.
-- Essays and stories by John Poultney, Rachelle Ayuyang, and Carmen Livingston
PLUS new Music features:
-- with Scrabbel's Dan Lee and emerging talent Salli Fune
and of course many, many more!

Plus, CreativeSkin peeps will have a table at the SF Zine Fest this Saturday, Aug. 27 at Cellspace where we will have new comics and zines from CreativeSkin contributors such as Warren Craghead, Dave Kiersh, and Mark MacMurray. If you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop and say hi!


Whitman-Walker Clinic Benefit

Jefferson Estates #220 (my jaw), 7.125 x 9 in.
pen, bubblejet print and pencil on paper and foam

DC's Whitman-Walker Clinic is having a fundraising benefit this Friday, followed by an art auction. I've donated the collage seen here - I'll post a link once they put it up for auction. Here's the press release (I bolded the good stuff):



Community Members Rally Behind Whitman-Walker Clinic, Organize Art
Auction Benefit and Benefit Concert.

August 26- September 8, 2005, Washington, DC.

In response to the highly publicized funding problems of the
Whitman-Walker Clinic, Katy Otto and Basla Andolsun, both young
musicians and activists from the Washington DC punk community have
recruited the help of fellow musicians and artists to organize a
benefit concert and EBAY auction in an effort to raise money for the
Clinic. The Whitman-Walker Clinic was chartered in 1978 and has grown
to become the largest provider of HIV/AIDS services in the Washington
DC area. The clinic has been forced to announce cutbacks including the
closure of the Clinic's Northern Virginia facilities due to flat
government funding and a decrease in private donations.

Activists Katy Otto, 27 and Basla Andolsun, 26 with the support of
local punk activist group Positive Force and the blessings of the
Whitman-Walker Clinic have organized a benefit concert to be held at
Cafe Mawonaj, 624 T St. NW, Washington DC 20001 (accessible by Shaw/Howard University Green Line), on August 26th. The show will feature local bands Mass Movement of the Moth, Pash, and Son of Nun.
Doors open at 8:00, and have a $6 cover charge. Proceeds will go to
the Lesbian Services Program at the Whitman Walker Clinic.

The concert at Cafe Mawonaj will also be used to kick off an online art auction to be held over EBAY from August 26th through September 8th, with proceeds going to general services at the Whitman-Walker
Organizers originally envisioned an auction that featured the
work of artists from the DC punk community, however when the call for
submissions circulated throughout the DC arts community it quickly became clear that many more artists, from a broad spectrum in DC and
beyond, were eager to get involved. "Organizing this benefit has
really demonstrated to me how deeply the work of the Whitman-Walker
Clinic resonates with people," says Andolsun. "The response we've
gotten has been overwhelming."


Group show at the McGuffey

A couple weeks ago Violet and I visited the McGuffey Art Center here in C'ville. The McGuffey is a former elementary school which is now a city-run center of artist's studios and a couple show spaces. This summer they're having a group show of the resident artists - here's my faves of what I saw (pardon my bad snaps):

Robin Braun and Rob Browning

Rob Browning

Another Rob Browning

Bob Anderson (Not my old pal Bob Anderson in Austin)

Russell V. Richards



sbook 22

This post is part of a series documenting my current sketchbook.
Earlier entries: sbook001, sbook002, sbook003, sbook004, sbook005, sbook006, sbook007, sbook008, sbook009, sbook010, sbook011, sbook012, sbook013, sbook014, sbook015, sbook016, sbook017, sbook018, sbook019, sbook020, sbook021.



The pieces of gold flying, 2005, 5.5 x 5.5 in.
foam, watercolor, crayon, bubblejet print and pencil on paper


Paper Scupture at UVA Art Museum

Violet, her Mom and I visited this show a couple weeks ago. The idea is a show where they give the viewers printed paper and scissors tape etc, and they follow instructions the "make" the art. Chris Ware made some comics/paper dolls shown above.

Most of the things seems like afterthoughts - not really paper sculpture at all. Ware's was easily the most engaging.

I wish they had asked me - this thing I made up a few years ago would have been perfect... I'm thinking of doing some new ones.


mas links rodeo

Muchas blogs ver:

lightningfield.com, a photo-blog from NYC artist David F. Gallagher. You can subscribe to his very cool emailing list where he send you images directly from his camera-phone. I signed up and the first one I got was direct from the Great Wall in China!

Via TAA I found art dealer Edward_ Winkleman's blog. Great post on there about studio visits.

Artist Mark Boyd has a blog - small ponderings. Writing, art and even the start of some cool art-podcasts.

Richmond artist Paul Goode also has a great blog. Crazy drawer.


daughter of links rodeo

Giant Robot store cartooning battles - 60 second drawing-fights. I want to do this.

Drawing with GPS machines. If someone buys me one I'll do some.

Collagemania is a cool blog featuring collages.


more link rodeo

For some reason Yamaha has a collection of downloadable paper scultures you can make - animals and motocycles.(via BoingBoing) I want to make the owl.

Some sort-of local artists have work for sale via blogs - J.T. Kirkland has prints, Alexandra Silverthorne has photos and Lenny Campello has drawings.

An old pal Colleen has a great internet radio show on eastvillageradio.com - "Sandy Acres Sound Lab", spinning a sunny assortment of indie rawk/pop, new wave, ye-ye, C86, easy listenin', bossa nova, British invasion, soul, hip hop, sour grapes & more! You can listen to it whenever you want because the internet is made of magic.

Poopsheet has great minicomics for sale (including mine!). UssCatastrophe has great stuff too.


link rodeo

James Bailey has a great new art blog Black Cat Bone. Lots of great pictures and, as expected, tons of great writing.

Shawn Hoke has a new blog Size Matters focussed on minicomics. Shawn already has some good finds to check out.

Martin Bromirski of ANABA has been posting a fantastic series of collage-drawings called One Day In The Garden - see them both on ANABA and on his Flickr site.

Bob Anderson has added lots of older drawings to his website - there are many really great works in there.

Bill Fisher emailed me a link to some of his political art projects.

More magical links mañana.