Hoke on "The Only Child"

Shawn Hoke at Size Matters wrote a review of "The Only Child" - a piece I drew of a story by Erin Pringle that was published in the DC-based literary journal Barrelhouse and is up for a Pushcart Prize. Thanks Mr. Hoke!


link rodeo

Updates to website. Also more Violet.

That book just posted is a part of Triple-Whammy Speedy and can be seen as part of a map's little spell - look here. Also here and here for the other two parts of TWS (24- and 12-hour comics).

Franklin does what I was suspecting - makes "comics" and they are good.

J.T. has pix and video of his one-man art fair in NYC. Well done.

Another hint.

Jules Olitski passes, RIP and thanks for the great paintings, see here at Franklin's blog for more.

Email serialization of something great - and its free.

Café Royal is alive, ALIVE! Look for me-stuff there soon.

Paul Goode sells drawings.