Xmas seed toss in NYC day 1

(a restaurant bathroom)

(a museum)

(a favorite restaurant (Zen Palate) )

(a phone booth)

(a pharmacy window)


30 Days of Comics: Day 18

Thinking about a bad thing. Someone lost climbing and climbing and then up some more. Words from Apollinaire.


30 Days of Comics - Day 15

also to Apollinaire, plus his pals Robert and Sonia Delaunay.  And Paris.


30 Days of Comics - Day 13

Dedicated to Apollinaire, Braque, Guston and my first little digital camera.



30 Days of Comics - Day 9

Project Runway comic, dedicated to my wife and Derik B.'s wife.


30 Days of Comics - Day 4

hanging the show at The Shuckster

The show is up! But I still have some obsessive things to add.

Big thanks to Brendan, Sierra, Jesse and Patrick for having me show here. Extra to P for hanging with me.

Opening tomorrow!!!!