"All's Fair" in NYC

J.T. Kirkland is having a one-man art fair this week in NYC - see details here on his blog. His work is really good and is much better in person than in online reproductions so I encourage people to go see it.

When I first heard his scheme - to put up a show in a swanky hotel room he's in all week for work - I thought it was a great idea in the abstract. Roger and I did something similar at a cabin north of Montreal a few years back, but that's a story I'll save for a later post. I like the idea of taking charge and saying screw it and just doing something. Some pals and I considered having some kind of crazy salon art show here at my house - maybe I'll try to float that again...

I was a little concerned that it might seem a little desperate or gimmicky and that J.T.'s work, which is very minimal and really needs good hanging and lighting, might not work in a plan like this. A crazy drawing guy - sure, scribble everywhere, but minimal, clean wood pieces?

I'll have to see installation shots to see if he pulls it off, but I do know he's a real hard-ass about hanging and he wouldn't do it if he didn't think he could make his work look really great.

As for the desperate part, I asked both the Director of a really good non-profit space and an artist who is having a meteoric career about this whole thing and they both said it isn't desperate at all, but actually shows balls. So go kick some ass J.T. Maybe next year we can rent a room in Miami and have a 2-person art fair there...


Link rodeo

Posting is and will be slow as all kinds of things are piling on right now. But here's a link rodeo of pals and folks:

J.T. Kirkland's show at Red Door in Richmond closes this weekend and I'm going to try try try to get there, but I did see it pre-hanging and it was great. He has images on his blog.

Craig Atkinson has a great book out Social Club that I have and its great. Also look for an image in the NY Times on the 21st.

Gwydion read 100 books last year and wrote about them. He is a badass. Plus 2 of his new plays are going to have readings this spring in DC. He is a badass.

Violet is still posting art at her blog. She's a only tot!

Paul Goode's blog is back and beautiful.

In April I have a show here and the name of the show is How To Be Everywhere and there's no suburbs in it (!) and what's in it? Here's a hint. There will be a book too.



Simplicity in art, rightly understood, is a synthetic, positive quality, in which we may see evidence of mind, breadth of scheme, wealth of detail, and withal a sense of completeness found in a tree or a flower. A work may have the delicacies of a rare orchid or the stanch fortitude of the oak, and still be simple. A thing to be simple needs only to be true to itself in organic sense.

from The Art and Craft of the Machine by Frank Lloyd Wright


a sculpture

reading Apollinaire in my living room
mixed media, 6 in. x 8 in. x 5.75 in.


a drawing/collage

the end of everything
acrylic, digital print and pencil on paper, 24 in. x 18 in.