Phone drawn

Phone drawn
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I was looking at a lot of Saul Steinberg earlier. So dang good.


Cut-Click Exhibition in UK

I sent a batch of drawn postcards (like these) to an exhibition put on by Cut-Click, a crazy art mag from the UK. It's up now if you happen to be in Grimsby. Here's some of what I sent:

The show is at a school that is on a road called "Westward Ho." That is the greatest street name ever.

Thanks to Cut-Click - you can see a lot of the other work etc at their site here. Some details:

Cut-click Mail Art Exhibition

East Coast School Of Art & Design

Grimsby, N.E Lincs

19th January 2010 - 10th February 2010

Monday - Friday (closed weekends), 10am - 4pm

The artists in the show are:

Adoxographic Editions, Stuart Adams, Will Adams, Lesley Barnes, Jonathan Ben-Abeer, Rebecca Bold, Jeffrey Bowman, Alice Bradshaw, Dan Button, Chloe Cook, Emma Cowley, Warren Craghead, Abigail Daker, Sp:ke Dennis, Sarah Ferrari, Red Fox, Patrick Holley, Jellyface, Matt Joyce, Layer, Chris Lillywhite, Graham Lister, Littleclouds, Le McLennan, MrYen, Munano, Louise Norman, Marie-Louise Plum, Steve Rack, S. Riemer, Tigz Rice, Fabio Sassi, Roberto Scala, David Shillinglaw, Penny Tristram, Darren Turner, Caroline Twidle, Simon Warren, Alexis West, Stuart West, Simon Wild, April Virgoe.