more @ McGuffey

The best thing at the McGuffey (the rest here) was by Robert Muller. I met him - he's a recent Va transplant from L.A. The paintings were pretty cheap, but a week into the show he had them all changed to NFS - hopefully that means something good happened.

As in the previous post, my pictures are terrible, sorry!

Detail of the above painting. hopefully you can see the tightness of the edges - they had a taped-off stepped surface.


@ The Mcguffey Art Center

Last weekend Violet and I went to the McGuffey here in C'ville to see some stuff. Here's what's there, minus one artist, my favorite of the show. I'll put that work up tomorrow.

Before you look, I want to apologize for the bad pictures - a certain little someone likes to chew on electronic items so taking pictures wasn't easy.


Chris Rudasilc

Michelle Gagliano

Aquilina Smareglia

another Aquilina Smareglia

James Covert

John Grant

Tamra Harrison Kirschner

Lavely Miller

Murray Whitehill

Kathy Craig

Cyndi Gusler

another Cyndi Gusler

Steve Wolf

Nancy Bass

Blake Hart (I think, my writing is smudged - sorry!)

detail of the Blake Hart - its really big. Again, sorry for the blurry pic.

James Parker

Rebeckah Wostrel


Giotto's St. Francis

Here's a web thing I made a few years ago about Giotto's freco cycle of the life of St. Francis. I saw them in Assisi, Italy and they blew my mind.

This was originally published on usscatastrophe.com, an online art-mag started by Ted May and me, and which is now an online mini-comics shop run by Ted, Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zetttwoch and Jeff Wilson (all great St. Louis cartoonists).



at JCPenney

on the Downtown Mall here in C'ville

at Bodo's

at Atomic Burrito

Here's a PDF of some of my stickers for you to have fun with...