Miki Liszt Dance in Pittsburgh

Adam Grossi, Descending Plot

As noted last week, I'm neck-deep in getting my upcoming show ready, so things will continue to be slow here. As it gets closer I'll have more images and I'll also write about the different things I'm doing for this show.

This weekend however there's another thing happening - The modern dance company my wife is a part of, Miki Liszt Dance Company, is performing in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. My wife is debuting a piece she choreographed, Swift Road, and part of the show will be projected images from Adam Grossi, ian lorson (he prefers his name un-capped) and me. Some details:
Through, A Concert Integrating Dance and Visual Arts

Pittsburgh, PA - Miki Liszt Dance Company a collaborative modern dance company from Virginia presents Through a concert of new and recent work by company members interlaced with visual art including that of local artist Adam Grossi, Washington D.C. artist, william lorson, and Virginia artist Warren Craghead. One performance only on Saturday March 24 at 8:00 pm at Dance Alloy, 5530 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. Tickets are $10 general admission and will be available at the door. For more information please e-mail rachaellshaw@yahoo.com or visit the website at www.mikilisztdance.org.

The concert will be comprised of five pieces intermixed with projections of visual art with an urban theme. These projections, shown between each piece, serve as a throughline for the concert as a whole. This concert will be exemplary of the collaborative nature of Miki Liszt Dance Company (MLDC).

Founded twenty years ago, MLDC is a contemporary dance company from Charlottesville, VA. MLDC is a open company where each company member is given the opportunity to choreograph, dance, and have a voice in company decisions. Currently the company is comprised of eight dancers: Miki Liszt, Rose Pasquerello Beauchamp, Keira Hart, william ian lorson, Kristina Meshelski, Rachael L. Shaw, Denise Way, and Lori Wilson.

Annie's piece will also be performed this June here in C'ville, and I may be making a set for it for that performance. I've really enjoyed seeing her go through the process of making this piece, with all the doubt, confusion and sudden bursts of clarity that I know well from my own attempts at making stuff. From the parts of the piece I've seen its really good.


How To Be Everywhere

As usual I'm working ike crazy on this, hence the slow times here. i'll have more updates coming up...

April 6 -29, 2007
Reception Friday April 13
Gallery Neptune
Bethesda MD