HTBE: pals who draw

Apollinaire was great pals with most of the leading avany garde artists of pre-WWI Paris - Matisse, DeChirico, Chagall, Braque. He was especially close with Picasso and Robert Delaunay. His poem Les Fenetres was, at least partly, based on Delaunay's work and was even partly written in his studio.

Apollinaire's ideas of "simultaneity" and collage were influenced by these relationships - he seemed to want to find ways to match his friends visual achievements with his own written ones. He was originally going to publish his calligrammes separate from his other writing, in a volume called "I Am A Painter Too."


Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, Maryland.
April 6 - 28. 2007, reception Friday April 13, 6 - 9 pm.
All the work, and a 100-page limited-edition book of drawings published at the same time, is based on the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire.

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