more Here, There, Everywhere

So here's a direct link to the article. Many thanks to Brendan Fitzgerald for the hard work and to Leah and Rob for the quotes. I didn't realize that "everywhere" aspect of my work until recently and it seems really right. I'm sure I'll have more reaction to the article and to others reactions as the week goes on.

The cover (see the last post) is from a 13-year-old comic strip I did and have archived online somewhere in here. It's "Chair-Boy" though I guess it looks like me too. Brendan looked through my site and picked it and an artist at C-Ville colored it.

Finally, the book. I'll post more about the DIY book (PRINTED IN THE MAGAZINE!!!! AAAAA!!!!) later, but I want to say how f$%^$#$ing excited I am to see one of these little foldy things in a paper that gets a wide and varied circulation. More on that and the content of the book later...

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Brendan, the editors and designers at C-Ville, tha artists in Impera et Divide and my co-schemer Pedro.

Here, there, everywhere

Here, there, everywhere
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Feature article by Brendan Fitzgerald, cover and a little diy book
printed right in the magazine!

I'll make better links when I'm at my laptop but for now go see

Shown again for emphasis

Shown again for emphasis
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I'll talk

image by Ilan Manaouch

Thursday I'll be giving a Curator's talk at the gallery as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book:

Festival of the Book at Second Street Gallery

Please join us on Thursday, March 19, at 6:00 pm for a talk by Warren Craghead III, as part of this year's Virginia Festival of the Book.

Warren, who is the co-curator of Second Street's current Dové Gallery exhibition Impera et Divide, will be discussing examples of art-comics by artists working around the world.

This talk is FREE and open to the public, with artwork and books available for sale.

We hope to see you there!

Catherine Barber
Associate Director, Second Street Gallery

I drew me

I drew me
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visual trip diary

Wednesday 03.04.09

Two weeks ago Pedro Moura and André Lemos came to visit us for the opening of Impera et Divide. They stayed at our house and we had a great time, both working hard to get the show up and sitting around late at night drawing. They were the best guests and friends and Annie, Violet, Ginger and I still miss them.

So here's what might be an illegible log of what happened. That first image was of Wednesday where I worked with the gallery folks to hang the show all day, then drove up to Dulles to pick up the guys. We spent the 2-hour drive down talking and then passed out once we got home.

Thursday 03.05.09

Thursday we had both little girls with us as we went to the gallery to finalize everything. Pedro worked to organize the mountains of books and art we had there as André helped finishing the hanging. The preview opening that night was packed and we saw lots of folks. We ended up at a party at a board members house and then eventually at my house, drawing together on the kitchen table until late late late.

Friday 03.06.09

Friday we went back to the gallery for more organizing, went by the UVA Art Museum to see the Oliphant show, then hung out at my house until it was time for the opening. Again we went downtown and met more people - more artists at Friday's opening which was good (see the laurel leaves and strong sword arm of victory?). Afterwards we ended up going back home where the Portuguese boys cooked a tortilla and we ate and talked with Annie until late.

Saturday 03.07.09

Saturday André painted that crazy mural on The Bridge while Pedro hung out with mya family at the park and the gallery. Later he cooked fish for all of us and it was delicious. That night more talking then drawing until very late.

Sunday 03.08.09

Sunday we said goodbye to Cville and I drove the guys up to DC. We saw Obama's house and ended up at the Hirshhorn with Truly and Carol seeing the Bourgeois show, then a crappy comics show at the Native American Museum, then a great little Guston show at the National Gallery. I finally and sadly said "adeus" to the guys at Truly's house in Capitol Hill and drove home. They stayed there and flew out the next evening.


This post stolen from André's website, but I think it's worth it - it's the book he made especially for Impera et Divide:

OB-0010: Charlottesville's Preliminary Black Blooming

Charlottesville's Preliminary Black Blooming
(An Amazing And Epic Journey Of A Portuguese
Artist Trying To Meet The Refreshing And Brand
New Dogwood Festival's Queen) by André Lemos
One-time, signed, numbered and limited edition of
50 copies.
Bookcover laser printed on 180 gr/m2 kind-of-salmon-colour paper.
Inside book laser printed on 80 gr/m2 Xerox Recycled paper.
Central page laser printed on 100 gr/m2 unknown white paper.
March 2009
28 pgs
specially published for the exhibition Impera et Divide
at Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
March 6th - April 25th, 2009

Apenas 10 exemplares disponíveis!!

Only 10 copies available!!


Actually I think there's more than 10 left at the Gallery - contact me if you're in the US and want one.

UPDATE - He's all sold out except what the gallery has - so get one naow!


Impera et Divide

I'm happy to announce IMPERA et DIVIDE, a group show I've curated with Pedro Moura at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville Virginia, USA. The show will feature work and books from Frédéric Coché, Ae-Rim Lee, André Lemos, Ilan Manouach, Andrei Molotiu and Fåbio Zimbres. From the press release:
Six internationally renowned artists from Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal and South Korea will exhibit their selections of comics and sequential art in Second Street Gallery’s Dové Gallery. The show, curated by Pedro Moura and Warren Craghead III, reflects trends in sequential art to diverge from traditional comics and to employ “destabilizing and decentering strategies to offer rich, multivalent reading experiences.” Using ink, pencil, collage, etching, and digital media, these contemporary artists offer a fresh approach to comics.
The show is based on the show Divide et Impera that Moura curated for the 2007 Amadora Comics Festival near Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to the show Moura has published a book "Divide et Impera" that will be available at the show's blog.


Frédéric Coché, Ae-Rim Lee, André Lemos, Ilan Manouach, Andrei Molotiu and Fåbio Zimbres.
Curated by Pedro Moura and Warren Craghead III
March 6 - April 25, 2009

Opening reception Friday March 6th, 6 - 8pm

Second Street Gallery
115 Second Street SE Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 6