Reston show update

As usual, sorry for the no posting. I'm working like a madman to get ready for this show that opens next Friday. I'll be trying to post daily from here on out but we'll see how it goes...

I left off on the last update with how I got the show. I had plans for various things but ended up with not enough time to do them properly, so I'll be saving those schemes for later (I actually have a file labeled "schemes").

What's ending up in this show is 3 bodies of work: A series of around fifteen 24 x 18 pencil drawing/collages, a series of ten small paper sculptures and a website. All the work is using the suburbs and suburban experience as a theme.

The drawings are along the same lines as things I've done before, but with some twists. To mirror the "cookie-cutter" aspect of suburban tract housing I wanted to start with all the same paper - 24 x 18 vellum bristol, right out of a pad available at any art store. From there they all go their own directions. I'm trying to push the work in a few new ways - more thoughts about cubism and how to relate that to our photograph-laden environment; more references to art history and my own history; and bringing back a sense of craziness and narrative I used to have in my comics and collages, alongside the refinement of more recent work.

I'll be framing all of them so there's that to do as well. I'm happy with how they're coming along and I should be able to get them done without too much insanity.

Tomorrow I'll post about the sculptures and Friday about the website (wth a sneak preview for all 3 of my readers)!


Craig said...

You have three? I've just reached two - the first was my Mum.

Anonymous said...

do stalkers count?

Anonymous said...

I guess this post makes me reader number three. -RLN