another GRACE show update

Work is moving along - my frames are all together and a few of the drawings are getting finished with all the rest close.

The scond body of work in the show is a bunch of sculptures made with mostly paper - sometimes I think of them as 3D drawings. I had some of these in some past shows, and 3 older ones will be in this show. I did several new ones too, with a starting place much like the drawings I wrote about yesterday.

For these sculptures, I started all of them with the same chunk - a 2.5 x 3.5 x 1/16 inch piece of styrofoam. From there they all go different directions - like the cookie cutter houses in a neighborhood that over time end up looking different. I've raided my kitchen and hardware store for crazy materials - right now theres a huge flap of wallpaper hanging off one that looks hilarious to me (I may just be really tired though).

Tomorrow - website.

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