a map's little spell

The site is live.

I'll be adding to it almost daily and I'll announce the updates here. Scroll down for tonights show opening info, and have fun wandering around the site. From the emailed announcement:

This web-based project explores the suburban landscape and its poetic complications. Consisting dozens of linked together pages of artwork, including four complete artist's books, the project takes the rough structure of a house, its lawn and the nearby street.

To maneuver through "a map's little spell", move the cursor over the images until the cursor becomes a hand, indicating a link. Click to jump to a new image. Click on a window and you move into that room; click on an image of stairs and you move up or down them.

Many links take one to unexpected places, or long strings of narrative images, each with many of their own links. Wander around... I'll be adding pages daily to the site so it will keep growing.


Craig said...

Aarrrgh, you've made one of those websites I spend hours looking at and you never know if you've seen it all so spend hours more looking at! Like it a lot, speak in a month or so when I've finished!

w said...

ha ha - thats my plan - to waste time!

Glad you like it...