GRACE show update 1

It's going to be light blogging here (as you've noticed) because I'm simultaneously rushing to get the work for the show done and also dealing with a huge deadline at work. Viva drawing and Viva Buffy!

I will start a little about the show. It's in Reston Va, the first "planned community". I grew up on the other side of Fairfax County (outside DC) and Reston seems a lot like the rest of Fairfax - strip malls, tract housing etc, with a twist - there WAS planning done and an attempt at a "Town Center" and downtown-like area.

I made a proposal for the show last year, talking about my work with suburban imagery and ideas about how one experiences that environment. I also proposed doing a fake "community newspaper" that would look like one of the many real estate or auto-sales newsprint mags that float around any area, only mine would be filled with crazy art things.

So I got the show, and they paired me with Adam Grossi (they have 2 concurrent, but separate solo shows there). Adam, now based in Pittsburgh, grew up in Reston, and if you check out his site you'll see our work could hook up nicely. He does a wide range of good stuff, so I was glad to be showing alongside him.


rda said...

Reminds me of Braque

amieo said...

Great idea with the tabloid paper. Reston has lovely hidden corners if you can survive the traffic you need to drive through to find them.