Tupelo+ Samoheyl in eyeshot

Sean Samoheyl sent me this link to some work that he and Rachel Summer Tupelo did - 15 great illustrated short stories beginning with 'Once upon a time.." that she wrote and he drew. The image above is from "In The Swamp":
Once upon a time in the swamps of Mystoesia I pulled out my folding chair and watched a portly broken bottle -- no label, clearly astute -- have an argument with a passing brown hop-toad. They began by skirmishing over right-of-way logistics but five minutes in they were screaming, neck veins bulging, about swamp dialects, country music, the weight of cloud formations, pinochle moves, basic chemistry, you name it. For awhile the air was heated and burnt smelling the way it is when I spend too long in the toaster, but after a bit things cooled off as they turned to discussing water-saving shower-head devices, a topic on which there was much common ground to be shared. It seemed like they'd both needed the fight, and felt the better for it, but it left me feeling anxious and jaded. I walked slowly down towards the edge of the swamp and sat on a stump of a long-decayed cedar.

"If only I had an accordion," I thought.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing me to this way cool work, Warren!

Keep up the neato blog.

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w said...

ha hah a