Drawing from Willms

Jewellery Store, Rob Willms

This weekend I got this great drawing in the mail from Canadian sculptor Rob Willms (see his work here and his new blog here).

He included a story about the drawing:
"Jewellery Store" is an early drawing in what is becoming an extensive series exploring blind contour with sharpie felts.

At a mall in Medicine Hat, Alberta, I sat to draw this particular retail shop after completing one or two of the mall proper.

As I finished and stood up to go I was confronted by the mall manager who asked that I not draw or photograph any of the jewellery stores, "for security reasons." I got a little indignant but finally acquiesced after confirming that I could continue drawing anywhere else in the mall. I didn't, but nearly stopped to draw the bank on my way out.

Two weeks later, 600 km away, I learned that the mall jewellery store had indeed been robbed shortly after. I had nothing to do with it, but am now wondering to what extent I am living on the lam.

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