Hello Cul-De-Sac!

Last Friday's opening was great - big thanks to John of ADA, and Kiersten and Sandra too. I'm happy with how the show looks - I'll show more close ups of the actual work in the show as the month goes on. Some ofthe work I've shown before, but there's a few new pieces, including two new 3D drawings. We had a good crowd and there's another reception this coming Friday for First Friday which should be packed.

The other artist in the show is Tricia Keightley - really nice paintings. Again, I'll have more close-ups later...

In the back area there's work by three artists:

Jared Clark - Semi-abstract shapes on found "art".

Heather Harvey - A ghostly plaster form.

Jason Coates - Half-abstract acrylic paintings


martin said...

hey! sorry i missed the first opening, but i will come to the friday one for sure. will you be there?

you are welcome to stay at my place if you need a place to crash.

w said...

I will be there (if I can overcome this virus/cold thats kicking my ass). and thanks for the offer, but I'll probably just head home after. See you there!

ahab said...

Congratulations, wwc. And thanks for the invite.

Hans said...

My best congratulations to that successful and interesting exhibition ! Best regards, Hans