T plus 25 days

detail of Hello Cul-de-sac, image by B. Landon

I'll be wrapping up this series in the next few days - today I'm taking down the last of the show. Today's post will be the end of the story of the show, tomorrow will be a post-mortem of how the show went and Thursday will be my own review of the work in the show.

Since the last post several things have happened. Two weeks ago I met with a photographer to get installation shots (I don't have those back yet - the above inage is from a pal at the opening). I've also been by the gallery several times, just wandering in and looking around.

I also participated in an outreach program with students from Western Albemarle High. First I met with them at the gallery, gave my talk and assigned them work - to draw stuff. The next week I went with Allie out to their school and did a workshop in class - I also got to eat real live high school cafeteria food - the quality has improved a lot in 20 years.

Last Friday I brought a gaggle of Thanksgiving visitors over to the show, and on Saturday I went with a collector couple from DC who bought a few pieces. Yesterday I went over and brought home most of the work and later today I'll get the rest.


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mark said...

i really wish I was close enough to have seen your show...all the images you post here are appealing, i love the work. i look forward to your summary. mostly i'd love to know if the overall result of your experience was positive (effort vs. reward, financial or otherwise). you should be proud, it looks good from here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark, I'll be commenting on all that stuff later this week. Thanks for all the nice words...