I am trying to break your heart

My lovely bride and I saw the magnificent Wilco show here in C'ville last night. I drew while watching the show but the drawings sucked - the above is from before the rocking started. Wilco was great, really great.

Also, today is my birthday, a date I apparently share with thoughtful gallerist and art-blogger Ed Winkleman. Viva Taurus!

And I forgot a few weeks ago to mark the one-year birthday of this blog. Thanks to all the folks who bother to look at this thing. I have a few plans for some things to post, so beware.


J.T. Kirkland said...

Plans? Some things? To post?

You're making my head hurt... surely these posts will occur over the course of many weeks, right? We can't have too much content around here.

I kid, I kid.

Happy birthday!

Paul Goode said...

Happy B-Day, Bully!

w said...

Kirkland - no more lip from you - back in the studio! you only have 19 days left until you opening. More drilling!

Thanks J.T. and thanks Paul.

martin said...

happy b-days!

w said...

Thanks Martin!