See a couple pictures from our opening at ADA last month, with magical captions. Aren't I handsome?


Opening this Saturday at Boundless Art Space in DC, co-curated by invincible drawing-ninja Truly Herbert:
Matthew Girard--who shoots the Mermaid Festival in NYC every year in classic black and white style
Kimberly Ritch--who does figurative work that deals with movement
Becky Hale--(from National Geographic) who shoots flowers in hi-resolution, making abstract compositions, and prints them on canvas

Opening: Saturday, April 1, 6-8 pm
Boundless Art Space
1522 U Street, NW, WDC, 202-234-9642


On Single-eYe-twilighT, ex-Richmonder, current Texan Paul Goode has been doing an incredible series of daily drawings. I've been "helping" him by providing names for his great drawings. I want him to make a book so I can buy it.


Canadian super-sculptor and pals have a great blog StudioSavant.

Also One Million Paintings, a blog by Jared Clark who showed with me at ADA last month. I like Project Runway too Jared.


Finally, how to build a surfboard. We'll be in Avon NC for Lady V's cumpleaños in June.


ahab said...

Hey, hadn't been around here for a few days and I come back to see some drawings and what do I find? But an ever so kind mention. And a blog-plug. Nice, thanks.

Don't suppose I could actually get the NewYorker for a dollar? Last year they were getting readers to submit captions for standard NYer-style cartoons. Use your contacts and propose that if they give you the captions, you'll draw them the comics.

And should I be looking around for The Deloreans CD?

ahab said...

Too, I named studiosavant for it's dual meaning. Studios Avant, get it? It can be either serious or a joke.

w said...

Aaaa, yes, nice!

My contacts at the NYer are now safe from me behind a restraining order, so I need to move on...

As for the Deloreans, they are a mysterious band of art students who are friendly and smoke cigarettes. Proceed with caution.