NEW BOOK: seed toss, kick it over

I recently published a new FREE little downloadable book, seed toss, kick it over.  Last January I watched the events unfolding in North Africa and the Middle East and started drawing the amazing images I saw online and on TV. I wanted to do something and it was the only thing I could think of.

I drew in pencil but processed them through apps on my iPhone (fitting since these revolutions were partly driven by cell phones and digital social media). I especially used PictureShow and Instagram to give the drawings more texture and color. Instragram publishes images to their online social site where people can follow and comment on images and I sent them to twitter and Facebook as well.

The drawings in seed toss, kick it over are all from images I saw (here and here and here among other places) of Tahrir Square and the heroics there - seen though a screen (TV computer, phone), but even with that mediation what I saw was powerful.

I put the images into a small DIY downloable book so they can be shared all over. Please print, download, send, whatever. SCATTER!

Thanks to people who followed and commented, to DH for indirect inspiration, to the Clash for a lyric-steal, to IF, BP and AJE for images and to all the heroes.

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