new 6-page story in Sundays anthology

I've got a 6-page piece in the new Sundays anthology that was released last week at MOCCA.  The theme of the book is "forever changes" and I drew about some waves and water and sand and sound. 

It's edited by Chuck McBuck and also includes Mickey Z, Jeff Lok, Ed Piskor, Aaron Cockle, Melissa Mendes, Joseph Lambert, Mark Burrier, Alex Kim, David Libens, Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, Dane Martin, Julie Delporte, Michael DeForge, Sean Ford, Samuel C. Gaskin, Scott Longo, Jose-Luis Olivares, Mari Ahokoivu, Max de Radigués, Damien Jay and Lydia Conklin.

You can see a little video preview at the editor's blog here.
(Thanks C.F. + pals)

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