It was a good trip. Tons of pictures here.

Thursday: Drove to Dulles, flew away. Slept.

Friday: Changed clothes in the Amsterdam airport, another flight to Lisbon. Met Pedro and Ligia. Slept for an hour, then coffee and out with Pedro and Fernando. Down to the Baxia, then into a crazy club (run down, punk rock and an old man barber cutting other old men's hair). Met Fabio. Ate fish at a restaurant, talking comics. Another bar, Estaduim. Cab to hotel, sleep.

Saturday: Checked email, Pedro picked me up and hung out at his place with Fabio. Read new amazing comics I had never seen before. Lunch (fish), called wife and princess, then car to Amadora Festival. Signed books and drew pictures for people. Little kids asked for autograph! Buffet dinner, then bus to hotel, then drinks with Fabio, Jose and Fernando.

Sunday: Pedro and Yunsun picked Fabio and I up, we drove to the beach and I went surfing in Portugal! Then lunch (fish) and drove to Amadora Festival. Pedro, Fabio and I in a panel talk none came to see, so Pedro beatboxed and we drew. More signing books, drawing for people. Bus to Amadora city hall, banquet (not fish) with Fado singers and port wine. Bus to hotel, then more drinking with Fabi, Perdo etc. until l a t e. 1 hour of sleep.

Monday: Plane home. Transformers, Pan's Labyrinth.

More tomorrow about the show, the art and the peeps.

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