Abstract comics

Forget the words and forget Batman. Look at the hands in all three panels. Art by Jerry Robinson, via Eddie Campbell's blog. Now go look at Andrei Molotiu's 24 x 24 project.

And here's a clumsy attempt to figure things out:

UPDATE: More on Madinkbeard.


DerikB said...

Love that page, Warren. It looks a lot like the cover to your Apollinaire book.

You may be interested in some of my posts involving abstraction and comics:


Such as Trondheim's Bleu:

w said...

Thanks Derek, I'll head over to look at what you have, which I bet is pretty good. The thing that struck me about those panels is that they're part of a really mainstream Batman story - the abstract comic things are embedded in all comics, so we're not so weird after all.

And yeah, the thing I made looks like the cover th HTBE, I used the same files to re-scramble.