New studio and things

The reason for the months of postcards posts will become clear once I start listing all the things that have been happening. I'll dole them out over several posts...

First up is that after 7 years of working from home I have a studio/office downtown here in Cville. I'm renting space from archeologists!

More big pencil drawings, more collages and some other things too. Plus I can meet people and eat lunch and I'm across the street from Migration and 2 blocks from Second Street Gallery.

I also got a new computer (MBP 17inch):

I moved (and tossed) tons of crap, but my work space still looks like it used to.


Anonymous said...

Looks great, wooden desk tops are a good idea, I only know that because I have a white one and feel like I have some kind of obsessive thing because I keep having to clean it. I'll send you a page over as soon as I finish cleaning!


autofictions said...

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