Katz and more @ NYSM

A few weeks ago we were in Albany NY visiting family and pals. I saw almost no art up there - I tried to meet up with Martin, but couldn't make it. The only thing I saw was at the New York State Museum - a show of Alex Katz.

The paintings were thin in many ways. They just weren't there. I kept thinking of how these were aggressive pop art but they were paintings with all the life sapped out of them, like some kind of product. They had just sort of given up and capitulated to photography.

The only place Katz was good was in the prints, especially the tree one above (sorry for the bad mobile phone image). Somehow printmaking really works for him - the flatness, his attention to color, the simplicity of the images all work together to make something very beautiful.

Then was was the 911 exhibit. That's not art - that's a real fire truck from Ground Zero. You could smell it.

A girder from the World Trade Center.

On another note, a certain flower loved the small Sesame Street exhibit:

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