what happened?

I do know that Miki Liszt Dance Company kicked ass. Really good. I know nothing about modern dance, but I know good art when I see it. I saw the whole thing twice Friday night and wasn't bored once. I know I'm biased because wife is in the company, but it really was good.

But how did Kirkland do at Red Door? How was Second Street? What about the pieces of me at Plant Zero?

I did see Dean Dass having really good stuff at Les Yeux Du Monde here in C'ville - images soon.

PS ANABA has a pic of J.T.'s Dad, who I met once and like.


J.T. Kirkland said...

That's great to hear about A. Please send her congrats for me.

As for the rest of your questions... well, you need to answer them. So get your butt on the road and go see some shows!

w said...

ha ha!

ok, you win.