Dass and Witt @ Les Yeux Du Monde

(Please pardon my bad photos)

At Les Yeux du Monde, a small commercial space here in Charlottesville, Dean Dass and Clay Witt are showing individual and collaborative pieces.

Dass earlier showed a wonderful group of landscape paintings here (I wrote about them here), but this work is much crazier. He layers printed images (inkjet images, so they're off a computer) with raw hand-made marks and bits of collage, including what looks like slivers of stone.

The work looks at times like collections of things - catagorized bits of beauty in some sort of alchemical combination. I'm starting to use some digital processes in my own work, and its good to see him embrace those tools while keeping the work aggressively human.

Witts pieces are more comtemplative, though I wouldn't call them calm. They seem like pieces of a landcape, chunks of sand or rock or air melted down and swabbed onto the wall. I also kept thinking of bronze age heroes and fossilized helmets.

Their collaborations were interesting and fun and did tread the ground between the two solo bodies of work - Dass' collections and Witts chunks grind together to form new bits of the world.

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