I zipped over to Richmond at lunch today and:

- Saw J.T. installing his show at Red Door Gallery. The work looks really good, and there's two pieces that are especially kickass. I'll post pictures when J.T. posts them.

- Saw a great Sally Mann show at Reynolds. At first I was a little bored by the big face photos, but after looking for a while they started working on me. There's one of a half-erased face, super-big, that is really haunting. Another one of a dark landscape with scratches too.

- Went by ADA and saw some more good stuff - Jered Sprecher, Jenny Laden and Chris Norris. It turns out I'm in a show ADA is organzing at Plant Zero there in Richmond, ("Salon Selectives: Excerpts from ADA Gallery Past" curated by John Pollard) opening tomorrow night! Yahoo!

- Unfortunately, I didn't get by Art Basel Stuffy's. Argh.

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