Kirkland @ Red Door, Samoheyl @ Second Street

I want to quickly mention 2 shows - one coming up, one just down - that I would really recommend.

J.T. Kirkland (of Thinking About Art fame) is having a show - Nature|Nurture - opening this Friday at Red Door Gallery in Richmond. He and I are pals (I wrote about his earlier shows here and here), but even with that bias that I can say this will be a great show. The opening reception will be on Friday, 12/1 from 6-10pm.

Sean Samoheyl just had a show here in Charlottesville at Second Street Gallery and I'm sorry my being swamped with work got in the way of writing about it while it was up. He had a ton of crazy figures, some new prints that cut-out into puppets and even a giant wood head. I even bought a piece - one I'll write about later because its a gift for a reader of this blog. Sean has also become a pal, but I really like his stuff long before meeting him.

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rich.vigil said...

I'm impressed with Sean's work. Good stuff.