more "a maps little spell"

I had been thinking about doing a project like a map's little spell for a long time - a way to bring together a lot of different pieces of my work in one place that can grow and change. The rough theme is, like the show at GRACE and most of my work for the past 15 years, the suburbs and the experience of living in them, and to that end I've set up the pages in a loose arrangement based on a house, it's lawn and the street around it. For AMLS I'm drawing on lots of old work (including comics, books, paintings) plus new stuff and remixing it for the web.

The front page is a night-time landscape that exists now in three forms - in AMLS, as a digital print and as a page in a story I made for an upcoming comics anthology. That's a good example of how I'm recycling and remixing images for the site.

I'm also continuing to update - here's yesterday's new page, and here's today's. Email me and I'll send you messages with the updates as they happen. I'll also be mentioning them here every so often and I'll be adding books I've done - four are on there right now, buried and linked in with the other work. Here's two: "thickets"(2003) is here and "page-a-day speedy" (1996) is here.

So far, mentions I've found online (and thanks for them): Thinking About Art, The Next Few Hours, Things Gwydion Hates andor Loves, The Comics Reporter and Journalista.

One last thing - AMLS is featured in my show at GRACE, but it'll also be in a show in Austin, Texas that opends this Friday - one I'll announce here tomorrow. So it'll be in two shows at the same time! The internet is magic!


rich.vigil said...

i find your work ambiguous. your play with images and words a puzzle. i like your drawing style but i don't cotton to the primitive/naive stuff. then i come across "thickets" and you blow me away. "a map's little spell", moving forward.

w said...

thanks Rich.