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Via Comics Reporter, a short interview with Chris Ware.


Andrei Molotiu's blotcomics.


Another mention of a map's little spell on Comixpedia.


I'm stealing a whole post from Bob Anderson's Pair-O-Dice:

After reading about "Swimming With Famous Dead Sharks" in todays NYT
I found this quote: "The idea is more important than the object."- Damien Hirst

Then I found a far more important opinion.

"After abstract expressionism, a lot of artists haven't been trained to manipulate material. Instead, they've been taught that what they're supposed to manipulate is concepts or ideas. To me, this is absolutely responsible for a lot of weaknesses in artists' production at this point. I'm an advocate of a return to very fundamental, very basic studio practices, which means that you first spend a lot of your time trying to figure out what materials will do, and in the process of figuring that out, you figure out what to do with them. [...]

If my teacher Charles White said anything really important to me, it was that you have to worry about making the best paintings and the best drawings you can, and the ideas will take care of themselves. I believe that wholeheartedly. I don't think there's anything worse than having a good idea that's poorly realized. And if you hope to break through to something meaningful, in terms of the relationship between form and content, it's gotta come out of a more experimental approach to material - a more experimental practice. That way, you see the possibility in materials for constructing meaning. If you don't understand the capacity of materials to carry meaning - if you don't have a certain set of skills - you're limited in your range to simple expressions, rather than complex ideas. Because what you're simply doing is selecting from meanings that are already prescribed or described."
- Kerry James Marshall

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