New work at The Shuckster

This Friday, Nov. 4, I'll be showing some new work at The Shuckster, a small art space here in Charlottesville, Va.  Also to see will be work by Hannah Barefoot.

I'll have a bunch of work from a series of drawings I've done from images of this past year's revolutions in Egypt, Libya and the more recent Occupy Movement. You can see some of what I'll be showing here.

The Shuckster is an art space, centered around nooks, created by Brendan Fitzgerald, Sierra Bellows, Jesse Wells and Patrick Costello. This gallery features two artists monthly, presented and updated online every First Friday and Saturday. For directions: E-mail the.shuckster.cville [at] gmail.com.

More details:


Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=296176110393878 

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