Party Crashers - show and a free book

"Party Crashers" is opening Friday Nov. 19 at Arlington Arts Center in Arlington Va. From the press release:
PARTY CRASHERS mashes up comic art and contemporary gallery culture, and features artists who pass back and forth between the two worlds. This massive two venue show results from a crosstown collaboration between AAC Director of Exhibitions Jeffry Cudlin and Artisphere Gallery Director Cynthia Connolly. The show’s two independent halves feature different types of work: Connolly’s show presents fine artists who mimic the appearance of comic art; Cudlin’s show at AAC contains: alternative comic artists who also show their original pages and drawings in art galleries; fine and comic artists working side-by-side on a national curated project (Creative Time Comics); and fine and comic artists creating avante-garde, purely abstract sequential art without words or recognizeable imagery.
See work by Jim Rugg, Gabrielle Bell, Deb Sokolow, Derik Badman, Robert Pruitt, Victor Kerlow, Blaise Larmee, Warren Craghead III, Jamar Nicholas , Anton Kannemeyer, Jeffrey Brown, Dash Shaw , Rosaire Appel, Andrei Molotiu, Rina Ayuyang, Joshua Cotter and Olav Westphale.

I also made a tiny lil' origami DIY book for the show - it's available for free at http://www.craghead.com/books/partycrashers.html

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