Cut-Click Exhibition in UK

I sent a batch of drawn postcards (like these) to an exhibition put on by Cut-Click, a crazy art mag from the UK. It's up now if you happen to be in Grimsby. Here's some of what I sent:

The show is at a school that is on a road called "Westward Ho." That is the greatest street name ever.

Thanks to Cut-Click - you can see a lot of the other work etc at their site here. Some details:

Cut-click Mail Art Exhibition

East Coast School Of Art & Design

Grimsby, N.E Lincs

19th January 2010 - 10th February 2010

Monday - Friday (closed weekends), 10am - 4pm

The artists in the show are:

Adoxographic Editions, Stuart Adams, Will Adams, Lesley Barnes, Jonathan Ben-Abeer, Rebecca Bold, Jeffrey Bowman, Alice Bradshaw, Dan Button, Chloe Cook, Emma Cowley, Warren Craghead, Abigail Daker, Sp:ke Dennis, Sarah Ferrari, Red Fox, Patrick Holley, Jellyface, Matt Joyce, Layer, Chris Lillywhite, Graham Lister, Littleclouds, Le McLennan, MrYen, Munano, Louise Norman, Marie-Louise Plum, Steve Rack, S. Riemer, Tigz Rice, Fabio Sassi, Roberto Scala, David Shillinglaw, Penny Tristram, Darren Turner, Caroline Twidle, Simon Warren, Alexis West, Stuart West, Simon Wild, April Virgoe.


Tigz said...

Thank you so much for linking to my site! Did you make it to the exhibition?

w said...

Happy to link! No, I live far far away across an ocean so unfortunately didn't make it. I bet it looked great!