Black Cat Skate show

I didn't blog this yet... Last December I had a piece in the "Broken Boards" show at Black Cat Skateshop here in Charlottsville. Andy, the owner, gave out broken skate decks and a bunch of folks made some art with them. Here's mine:

and some details:

I took the deck, painted it with thick gloppy house paint and then drew on it (and taped some stuff too).

Violet made one too:

Yes, that's pink paint, glitter and a pipe cleaner. So punk rock. Here's hers on the wall:

and the proud artist at the opening (and no, she didn't get any of the PBR Andy had for the party):

Oh, and here's mine on the wall:

I'm sorry I didn't get any shots of Sean Samoheyl's great piece all made from cardboard! There were lots of good things in this show... It's funny - I don't ride this kind of skateboard anymore - I have a, Earthwing SuperGlider longboard and a Gravity Ben Wei mini, both for hills and hard carving - what my old pal Marc always called "landsurfing."

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