Books at Anteism

I'm glad to say that the folks at Anteism are including my little DIY PDF books in the book orders they send out - in fact I'm making special Anteism branded versions of several of the books just for them. So go buy their stuff!

This kind of thing is exactly why I make these books as PDFs with a creative commons license - to get the work out into the world. I'm excited for the same reason I was excited about the book that printed in C-VILLE, a local weekly here in Charlottesville - many many more people were going to see the weird things I make.

A writer whose work I like says that the problem with art in the internet age isn't piracy or not getting paid - it's not getting noticed through the seas and seas of other content out there. I'm copying him and others when I adopt a "dandelion" strategy for my works distribution - send all the seeds out I can in all the ways I can think of and I know that some, a tiny percentage maybe but still some, will grow.

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