more Here, There, Everywhere

So here's a direct link to the article. Many thanks to Brendan Fitzgerald for the hard work and to Leah and Rob for the quotes. I didn't realize that "everywhere" aspect of my work until recently and it seems really right. I'm sure I'll have more reaction to the article and to others reactions as the week goes on.

The cover (see the last post) is from a 13-year-old comic strip I did and have archived online somewhere in here. It's "Chair-Boy" though I guess it looks like me too. Brendan looked through my site and picked it and an artist at C-Ville colored it.

Finally, the book. I'll post more about the DIY book (PRINTED IN THE MAGAZINE!!!! AAAAA!!!!) later, but I want to say how f$%^$#$ing excited I am to see one of these little foldy things in a paper that gets a wide and varied circulation. More on that and the content of the book later...

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Brendan, the editors and designers at C-Ville, tha artists in Impera et Divide and my co-schemer Pedro.

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