Link rodeo

Posting is and will be slow as all kinds of things are piling on right now. But here's a link rodeo of pals and folks:

J.T. Kirkland's show at Red Door in Richmond closes this weekend and I'm going to try try try to get there, but I did see it pre-hanging and it was great. He has images on his blog.

Craig Atkinson has a great book out Social Club that I have and its great. Also look for an image in the NY Times on the 21st.

Gwydion read 100 books last year and wrote about them. He is a badass. Plus 2 of his new plays are going to have readings this spring in DC. He is a badass.

Violet is still posting art at her blog. She's a only tot!

Paul Goode's blog is back and beautiful.

In April I have a show here and the name of the show is How To Be Everywhere and there's no suburbs in it (!) and what's in it? Here's a hint. There will be a book too.


Gwydion said...

Oooh, that hint REALLY makes me eager to see the show. You need a place to crash when you come up to hang it?

Thanks for the props.

Your bad-ass friend.


w said...

Thanks - I may take you up on that.

As for the hint, I'll keep hinting as we get closer.